Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dubsy Asylum ‎– Lo Sono EP (2005)

  • Electro pop
  • Electronic pop
  • EBM
  • Alternative pop
  • Ambient pop
  • Industrial electro
  • Electro-indie
  • Acid pop
  • Alternative dance
  • Dark electro
  • Leftfield pop

Comment: it has always been great delight to go back to the discography of the Manchester, UK-based Hippocamp of which list contains a bunch of gems. Indeed, Manchester is being the home city of many crossover groups between electronica, alternative dance and guitar driven music. The only bad habit by the imprint is not to release the coverprints of albums. Dubsy Asylum`s 6-track issue is the sort of. It is an instance of great electro/electronic pop, however, having not forgotten its indie and art pop roots. It could be said it is an example of indie music either. Even more – the artist explores the interface between the aforesaid genres in a more profound way thereby it could be considered as a cutting-edge artist. For instance, Something for The Oldies chimes like a chill-out composition where the light-hearted guitar chords constitute fabulous patterns with overdriven acid synth whiffs and shuffling drum brushing. It is followed by l' infacto which is an astonishing cut-up electro propulsion with acid pop synapses and tumultuous rhythm changes. The issue is finished off by a blissful glimpse called Morte e Sorto which shows up fondness for subtle ambient pop and post-classical music thereby slightly reminding of a mid-period Kraftwerk (Ralf & Florian), for instance. Moreover, these 23 minutes (almost 24 minutes in total) involve many audible dark shards which would be an integral part of a quintessential industrial, EBM, and dark electro combo. In a nutshell, the outing is a pre-eminent shift between the approaches of electro, indie and experimental music. 
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