Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Verãopop – Nouveau Shamanic LP (2015)

  • Drone
  • Avant-garde
  • Experimentalism
  • Electronic music
  • Improvised music
  • Psychedelia

Comment: Verãopop consists of a couple of musicians – Nelson P. Ferreira operates behind the drums and theremin and Vitor Bruno Pereira plays the keyboards and sings (in true, he does not do it on this 3-track issue). The issue embarks on with heavy pounding which soon will be accompanied by psychedelic electronic sounds, noisy cymbals, static loaded synths and stalking drones. Furthermore, one could perceive how the duo presents all these elements with different loudness and aesthetical intensity. At times the listener could perceive quite ill-tempered and even threatening moods which, in true, do not last for long. Frequently the lsitener coul discern sounds being played simulatenously (polyphonically). Indeed, all these elements will constitute the row of thought-provoking sonorous combinations throughout the issue clocking in at a 24-minute. The issue is a part of a Portland, Oregon, US-based imprint An Out Recordings.
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