Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wassup Foolie – Gummy (2015)

  • College rock
  • Post-grunge
  • Alternative rock

Comment: recently I got a letter by Andrew Gipson Richardson who wrote me in for a submission. More profoundly, I got the 7-track issue called Gummy. In fact, it was not the first time for me to write about music where he was involved in. 4 years ago I reviewed his another project Yall`s 2-track issue GUM (2011) where AGR and Travis Franklin walked on the wild side of rock and roll. Indeed, they did not give a fuck at all (or they did it, though – depending on a point of view adopted). It was the absolutely mind-blowing experience with either haphazardly or mathematically represented drumming patterns and stunning singing and frantic guitar playing to fill the space. Indeed, all of that did have hints at rootsy bluesy power of rock music which is one of the most primary edges regarding the style. Wassup Foolie is the duo of AGR and the drummer Taylor Kohl whose Gummy is the follow-up to the album Nose/Eyebleed EP (2011) being promoted through Noisetrade. By the way, Travis Franklin mixed these 7 compositions made up of grunge music influenced elements, some math rock fabrics and feeling of college rock. It can be said the duo likes to conjure up melodies and tortured singing within the aforementioned styles. In fact, I was honoured to experience two different versions of the album. The tentative version involved more garage-y hues thereby giving more DIY approach to the album. The last version is more polished and restrained though involving some superficial sonic effects here and there. On the whole, it is a decent work though I prefer to be in the midst of the craze of Yall`s music. It does have a truly affective aspect within the music.
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