Monday, November 23, 2015

[t]ghost – Terminal Damage EP (2008)

/Industrial techno, Big beat, Leftfield, Illbient, Neoclassical, EBM/

Comment: [t]ghost is an artist from Russia whose 2-track issue is an amalgamation of tectonic-alike crushing rhythms which seem to break up thereafter they are fallen down to the soil and malignant synth progressions with some hints at neoclassical orchestrated music, martial music and electronic body music. By using speech samples to bring forth the very core of this it is thoroughly viable and reasonable. More profoundly, there are up such tracks as March of The GPA Mechanics, and Terminal Damage. These ones say quite much about the whole. I guess by speaking about such kind of genres it is very important to figure out adequate milieu of them – indeed, all of that is represented over that – it is aggressive, it is powerful, it is rhythmical, it is obscure, it is mystical. In a word, all is properly balanced, all is properly (re)presented. The issue is a part of the roster of the Argentinian label BPM Front.
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