Saturday, November 14, 2015

DIYE - Cemetery Lane (2014)

/Psychedelic rock, Noise rock, Experimental rock, Ethereal wave, Space rock, Alternative rock, Indie rock/

Comment: DIYE is the duo of Albert Dean, and Maria Soromenho from London, UK. The album starts off with a track, called Paris which is very relevant with regard to recently happened horrendous events in the capital of France. Furthermore, the album`s title has references to the event either. Paris reminds quite of the mystical milieu of being dominating on Cocteau Twins` album Treasure. In fact, the track seems to be more serious-minded due to airy yet lone guitar chords and some sublime arpeggios coming through the air being supported by Maria Soromenho´s floaty voice. And vice versa. However, the rest of a couple of tracks are decent one either – Bad Girl In A Fur Rug is a more indie oriented one reminding slightly of some of the pieces of the Estonian indie classic Dreamphish though the Londoner`s music is more spaced-out and noisy. No Time is fraught with elegant anxiety and guitars are getting almost lost in dense vapour of noisy sounds. Additionally I recommend listen to music being issued on Little Ying Records.
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