Friday, October 23, 2015

Nojoined - A Good Day For Gravity (2014)

/Ambient, Drone, Minimalism, Organic electronica, Kosmische Musik, Musique concrète/

Comment: behind these 39 minutes is David Priestley whose issue draws upon a minimal approach which consists of droning electronics, and undulating spaced-out synths on the top. At the first sight it might ring a little bit matted, however, the more one listens to it the more it will be opening up for you. Indeed, the core of these 6 pieces is dark-mattered and obscure though one can find out glimpses coming out of it and coming into it. For instance, you can discern the sounds of concrete music and Moog splattered rhythms. In general, it is the solid drift between dark ambient and Kosmische Musik.
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