Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Chopittos Arkestra – Zavanardi Rising (2012)

/Avant-garde, Space rock, Psych-rock, Dark ambient, Freeformfreakout, Blues rock, Psychedelic, Hard rock, Bossa nova, Experimentalism, Singer-songwriter, Electronic music/

Comment: I cannot be wrong to claim that Brazil is a country for much outstanding music beginning from sensual bossa nova and jazz artists to challenging psychedelic Tropicalia output Os Mutantes to elegant, thoroughly dream-filled shoegazing combo Inverness to artists issued under indie/experimental/post-rock/post-metal imprint Sinewaves to frenetic improvised noise/avant-rock combo Chinese Cookie Poets to…Lucas Pastina and his related projects. Indeed, Lucas Pastina is an eccentric musician who has created lots of albums with intention to explore obscure facets within different genres, create rock sounds which either used to be in focus or deliberately staying outside it. For instance, this 20-bar issue is a frantic parade of different styles ranging from dislocated hard rock sounds and rough blues rock vibes to spaced-out rock universes and demented soil-eating psyched-out compositions to uncanny yet brisk electronic paths moving sidewise. Those cathedral organ drenched arcs and exhausted confessions of a human being stay beyond classification altogether at The Power of The Fish. Samba Suor E Salame is a cute bossa nova song, isn`t it? At first sight indeed. The more you listen to it the more intricately aligned sounds and effects can be found to be surfacing from within it. The whole is silly and inspiring at the same time. The listener can enjoy the artist`s fantasy coming over to the listener`s side. Moreover, you can discern some sort of magic fog which fluctuates within the tracks and across the whole set. Get all the artist`s issues at Soundcloud. 
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