Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Stepkids – Wanderers (2014)

/Soft rock, Digital funk, Funk rock, Synth fusion, Doo wop, Alternative pop, Electronic pop/

Comment: the shortened Soundcloud version of Wanderers comprises three compositions veering a crossover attitude of soft rock, synthesised fusion and digitalized funk rhythms and robot pop. Although getting partly inspiration from the musical groups of bygone decades the issue`s general impression is very modern – all these production tricks with appearance of stereo effects and overdriven acid keyboard chords, layers of exuberant sonic minutiae atop used to gravitate toward catchy rhythmic structures and subtle singing. At times the singing chimes in the vein of the best doo wop tradition. You can even hear Miles Davis` funk-inclined shuffles through predominant jazz narratives. By listening to The Slap you can discern how it bridges the US-based r`n`b, funk and soul tradition to Italo disco and Kraftwerk-ian electro pop influences par excellence. In a word, it is a fine example of contemporary pop music. It is infinitely better than Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, for instance (in fact, they are more products rather than musical output).
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