Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vaatican Records - "Sampler N°30" (2014)

/Experimental electronica, Leftfield, Psyambient, Sampledelic, Glitchtronica, Breakcore/

Comment: it is highly likeable to listen to this menarche of 20 tracks by different artists on Vaatican Records. By listening to these pieces of art you can perceive something fairly special coming through these compositions on the imprint. It does not matter when rough breaks and glitch loaded frequencies and freaked-out sound collages and sample infused noisy electro pop appearances are variegated with more moody psychedelic ambient and emotive electronica propulsions and cinematic break explorations. It might be the ideas based beneath these forms are set up in the way to keep close to each other, i.e having no big gap between each other. There are represented such artists as Chors Blor, Pagale, Timon Simplar, Muimuitikiti, Crackzilla, Bradley The Buyer, Rappeur Qualitè Prix, Vlooper, Age2.1, A Ghost In The Way, Steradd, Haruki Tamesue, Paq, Steve E. Denver,Delzoid, Cobra (avec Logo Panthère), Blue Cat Cinema. There are the masters at work indeed.       
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