Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alexico – Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No. 2) (2011)

/Synth punk, Electronic, Lo-fi, Alternative dance, Singer-songwriter, Synth funk/

Comment: Alexico sounds literally nearly as close as Calexico, the Southern US-based Americana band with some Mexican music influences (the so-called Tex Mex genre). Although Alexico comes out of Monterrey, Mexico the artist`s soundscape is completely different exploring remarkably more chaotic and noisy sonic soundscapes. This bunch of 6 tracks is saturated with restless attitude where cheap synths are severely twisted and the general vibe of the EP is deliberately discontinuous and rhythms and moods are frequently skipped. Granted the guy behind the project is young at age the compositions are replete with angst, incisive shouts and spicy vocal choruses. The production is mainly blaring thereby coming quite close to the aesthetic of digital hardcore (though stylistically this notch makes difference) and being quite contrary to such nowadays analogue-based indie artists as Lee Noble, Ducktails, M Geddes Gengras, for instance. The artist`s apparent purpose is not to provide possibilities about coalescence at it because of ranging from infantile synth progressions to frantic punk outbursts to thought-provoking electronic experiments (based mainly on the vocal modulations) to more calmed down synth funk cadences. By the way, as it is mentioned afore the artist originates from Monterrey where dwells an interesting indie coterie gravitating towards Delhotel Records. In short, it is an interesting issue indeed. 
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