Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stephen Briggs – Nebbie Mattutine (2014)

/Guitar ambient, Soundscapes, Epic, Art rock, Space rock, Post-rock, Experimental rock, Progressive rock/

Comment: Stephen Briggs is a musician from the end of the world, New Zealand. His 8-notch issue based on extensively layered guitar music depicts picturesque visions and mellow fantasies for your sake. Although his artsy guitar approach can be compared with Robert Fripp´s aesthetic, the issue involves many elements which might remind you of different styles and years. From cocky progressive rock attitude and more warm fusion infused Canterbury sound to the sonorous grandeur of Labradford and Aarktica, artsy coldness by Slowdive`s Pygmalion and remote, full-fledged dreams of contemporary indie artists like Ducktails and Lee Noble. Furthermore, Briggs` album sounds like a hyperrealistic entity as if reflecting upon a state of sleep within you are wondering around and seeing somehow acquainted yet eldritch environments on both sides of your path. For instance, by seeing gravestones illuminated to promote commercial products. The tracks represented on it used to crop out of nowhere silently to blow over similarly. I am very sure the outing is a strong candidate for listening before you fall asleep. 
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