Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pagan Spirits - Legado Pagano y Honor Ancestral (Demo) (2013)

/Neoclassical, Black metal, Experimental metal, Brutal metal, Pagan metal, Field recording/

Comment: Pagan Spirits is the combo of Alexander Teyaotlani, and Aracely Guevara coming out of Salvador, a small country in Mesoamerica. Their 6-track issue is an imaginative sonorous act of blackened metal, neoclassical instrumentation and some field recording snippets here and there. In a word, those surging groaning and moaning billows constantly represented throughout the album used to evoke an otherworldly, a little bit horrifying feeling backed up by epic orchestrations and rapid noodling on drums and guitars. Smirkily silent and even soothing twines are followed by crushing impulses and malicious torrents thereby setting up contrasty yet intriguing agglomerations of sound layers. At times it chimes like the ancestors of the Indian side are resurrected from their unmarked graves to arrive and revenge to bloody white conquistadors. In fact, the duo says it is a tribute to their roots and ancestors. Let`s honour it. It is a convincing, and honest act indeed. 

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