Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Totokoko Christmas Compilation 5 (2014)

/Folktronica, Modern classical, Alternative, Indietronica, Conceptual, Cowbell indie/

Comment: actually it is never late to listen to Totokoko label related (Xmas) compilations because music represented over there has no time related barriers. The compilation reflects upon the Japanese label`s sonorous nature – from soothing indie electronic and folk related programmed music to more IDM and modern classical centred compositions. Some songs are embellished with field recording/electro-acoustic shells. Despite their predominantly glitchy body nine artists/compositions inhabited over there will reveal their sensitive soul and warm-riddled heart. More concretely, there are up such projects as Henri Almond, Morimoto Naoki, OOOQ, Mitsuyoshi Matsuda, Shayou, Junya Nishimura, Koji Maruyama, and Ryosuke Miyata (ex.Miche). Enjoy modern Xmas songs.  
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