Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nick Rivera – Zamalek (2013)

/Indie folk, Folktronica, Art folk, Singer-songwriter, Americana, Folk indie, Experimental folk, Post-folk/

Comment: Zamalek is the follow-up to the album Happy Song Is A Happy Song (2010, La bél). One of the main differences between those issues is the Italian artist`s close flirtation toward more noisy sounds and transformations from silent moments to ferocious bursts very quickly. On the other side, Nick Rivera has not abandoned his branded mellow songwriting touch with lofty sonic experimentation (mainly electronic micro noise wisps and sublime orchestration here and there) being abundantly represented on this 7-track release as well. Furthermore, the issue involves some fairly epic moments replete with magic splendour (The Beast, for instance). The album was issued on La bèl, a record label from Italy dedicated to issue folk tinged experimental pop music.   
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