Sunday, January 11, 2015

BLAKKR NIO - When The Light Took Us Away (2014)

/Doom metal, Black metal, Drone doom, Technical metal, Drone metal, Ambient metal, Post-metal/

Comment: Blakkr Nið or BLAKKR NIO`s 5-piece issue is a reverberating and vibrant black and doom metal issue adorned with heavy, repeated riffs and blacked out (at times stoned out) energy boost. At times the artist`s guitar strangulation resembles Tore Elgaroy`s The Sound Of The Sun. Sometimes the artist shows up more affinity toward atmospheric realms and eternity. Emotionally it sways between neutral, and more overwhelming, ominous facets due to layer surfacing from the bottom stepwise. Ultimately it can say that this one-man-project (Peter M) from Canada gives the listener thrills and tickle. It is fascinating and hypnotic by any means.     
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