Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Late Virginia Summers – TLVS (2006)

/Lo-fi, Ambient, Cowbell indie, Drone rock, Post-rock, DIY, Live recording/

Comment: Redstarcommunity is a Swedish record label having been existing since 2001 and having the discography of 22 issues so far. TLVS was 11th release which consisted of elemental crackled noises, graceful glockenspiel snippets, spaced-out drones, ambient music inspired reverberating soundscapes and improvised noodling here and there. Emotionally are outstanding those moments when epic guitar chords are put into delayed loops while being accompanied by sublime glockenspiel fabric and droning bold cello keys (Almost Asleep, Part One). You Are What Gets Me In Trouble was recorded in live at The Nanci Raygun in Richmond, USA. Grossly, it is a lo-fi sort of post-rock/experimental indie approach produced by Joe Morgan & Nathan McGlothlin.      
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