Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kaleidonauts – Tigermouse (2008)

/Folk indie, New Weird America, Indie folk, Psychedelic folk, Americana, Alt-folk/

Comment: The project is a transatlantic collaboration project between Smally (The Wheelies) and Jon of the Atom (Dead Canaries) who recruited lots of other musicians to fulfil their aesthetical ambitions and artsy reflections. Tigermouse is their sophomore issue which was produced at pinnacle of the New Weird America movement at the end of the 00s. This 13-track issue is amusingly jaunty and energetic filled with psychedelic keyboard whiffs, sheeny glockenspiel chords and catchy guitar strumming and exaggerated singing pads or on the other side providing more majestic insights into their intimate world. However, listen to I`ll Be Your Pavement, and 4000 Mile Dream, and Blood Music, and Oh No, and The Somewhere Song these are truly great pop songs, full of life and getting you an additional boost. The album is related to such fabulous free folk and experimental rock/indie platforms as Quixodelic, Daydream Generation, and deceased CLLCT. 
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