Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kuh Lida – Ball It Out Back It Up (2013)

/Hip-hop, Breakcore, Sampledelic, Experimental-hop, House pop, Electro-pop, Electro-hop, Breaks, Mood music/

Comment: the only shortage related to this 6-track issue is its shortness. Musically the Chicagoan Myles Emmons` issue is fabulous blend of experimental hip-hop sounds, sampledelic craftsmanship and sunshiny samples. The artist gets obviously inspiration from different places and eras harking back to Parliament/Funkadelic-alike effortless progressions regarding the groove and on the other side paying attention to Flying Lotus ability to create microscopic but otherworldly catchy sonic models, and of course the issue includes some Detroit electro and Chicago house influences and even neurotic Death Grips-alike hip-hop spasms throughout. It is similar to another American producer Christian Montoya aka Miami Slice`s latest issue Brooklyn 2 Brooklyn relative to his highly dance-appealed and cheerful pop blended progressions. All in all, in the first place it is a soundtrack for the listener who has been devoid of a strike of serotonin for a while. It is an efficacious cure indeed.             
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