Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beastplague – Beastplague (2014)

  • Brutal metal
  • Grindcore
  • Extreme metal
  • Powerviolence
  • Hardcore punk
Comment: one of the most significant and prolific extreme metal platforms worldwide Torn Flesh Records provides an extremely short-running issue of 10 tracks produced by Beastplague. The longest track exceeds a little bit at 1 minute, the shortest one finishes off at 29 seconds. Nevertheless these total 8 minutes are highly intense imbued with heavily bashing drum series and cascades, outstretched bare-faced angriness in vocal layers and boosting guitar noodling. Stylistically Beastplague`s album has its place somewhere between hardcore punk, powerviolence, and grindcore. Moreover, the titles are pointing and meaningful – Ruined, Castration, No Future, No Past, An Evolution Of Violence, Glorified Rottendom. The coverprint is also great - is it Robert Smith with the mummy?      
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