Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Fucked Up Beat - Investigates Strange Weather Patterns and the UFO Cults of Cold War Nevada (2014)

  • Hauntology
  • Sampledelic
  • Avant-garde
  • Jazz
  • Experimentalism
  • Old music
  • Noir
  • Trip-hop
  • Sound collage
  • Psychedelic
  • Breaks
  • Experimental electronica
  • Weird pop
Outstanding tracks:
Subterranean Homesick Oil Fields/ Bordertown Medium
UFO Archigrams/ Hinterland Techtonic
Following American Spies/ We All Live In An Atomic Submarine
The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista/ Yesterday Is A Million Years

Port Sinister/ Anarchitecture
Lake Eerie Foxfire/ How A Chant Can End Capital
Aerial Photos of Ashtabula/ Everyone Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow
Sleep Onset Room 22/ Mrs. Denton on Dooomsday
Storm-Bird, Storm-Dreamer/ The Midnight Sun
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