Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zoomonk & Zelig - On Time (2012)


/Art punk, Drone rock, Avant-industrial, No Wave, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Avant-punk, Noise rock/

Comment: what will be happened when the Finns Zelig Concrete (vocals & lyrics), and Petri Parkkali (guitar, drum machine, syntheziser, stylophone beatbox) join their hands and forces? Their 6-track collaborative album is full of anxiety filled post-punk/No Wave loaded visions and frantic (proto-)industrial mayhems. Indeed, their sound resembles the early days of krautrock, old school industrial groups and more peripheral post-punk esque acts at the ending part of the 70s and at the beginning of the 80s. More closely, it does mean the tracks embrace many experiments with unusual sounds of electronica, provoking synth effects, abrasive guitar representations, Zelig`s haunted singing and restlessly writhing rhythm sections. By the way, Parkkali has hinted of being influenced by the likes of Suicide, Hungry Ghosts, 39 Clocks, Teiji Ito, Neu!, Moondog, Exotica, DNA. I would add such groups as Einstürzende Neubauten, The Fall, and Faust either. The duo is assisted by some guest musicians like Bird Man (bass), Thomas Schärer (Piano & Mellotron at Bunny & Turtle). Great music by any means which is issued on Myhand.Thanx Records, the main discovery of mine among the imprints in the recent months.
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