Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Am Esper - The Arc Of A Tree, And The Shape Of A Cloud (2012)


/Trance rock, Guitar ambient, Space rock, Psychedelia, Shoegaze, Avant-rock, Post-rock, Experimental rock, Epic, Space rock, Ambient rock/

: this epic 3-track album comes out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA arranged by a prolific musician, Justin Palmieri aka I Am Esper. Indeed, Palmieri`s oeuvre is highly epic following the best traditions of guitar-based ambient and spaced-out post-rock musing (a la Labradford, Pan American, The Doldrums, Glenn Branca, Flying Saucer Attack, Bowery Electric etc). Rest assured, Palmieri is a discernible composer who prefers to fast dye the tracks and layer them with different shades and poignant nuances and demonstrating no hesitation regarding stylistic "blunges" (however, the practice to incorporate the elements of shoegaze, and ambient washes into the core is one of the basic norms within the realm of nowadays experimental rock). By the way, with regard to those charmingly scratching guitar noises the loop-heavy Song Of The Clouds is a fabulous example of how to outline the concept of "longing". Great.
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