Monday, May 13, 2013

Juanjo Palacios - Rambleña (2013)


/Neoclassical, Chamber music, Soundscapes, Ambient, Electro-acoustic, Musique concrète, Organic electronica, Crossover/

Comment: firstly, I can remember for a fabulous issue, entitled Arbole created by Blezna  which was nom the plume of Asturian musician Juanjo Palacios. Later on, Palacios started to compose music under his own name. However, the recent issue of 3 tracks comes to mind some elements from it. More concretely, the whole is an organic blend of electro-acoustic rubbing and scrapes, brooding (even ghastly at times) yet panoramic neoclassical and ambient interlaced terrains, chamber music-alike explorations and soothing symphonies where elements within it will intensely be sprouting, undulating and blooming. Very important element on this album are those eargasmic transitions from one phase to another, from one style to another. Mostly in the last part these slivers are shuffled with concrete sounds (which are recorded by Juan López López, though) filled with viable energy torrents and near-nature feeling. Hopefully such kind of music will be played at opera houses and classical music venues in the future. It would be great, it would be fitting.
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