Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cannaya - Klangwerk (2013)


/Post-dubstep, Witch house, Microtonal, Dark ambient, Micronoise, Experimentalism, Repetitronica, Industrial electronica, Avant-electronica/

Comment: Cannaya`s music on this jumbled, 9-track release is filled with anxious, repetitive noiseful boutades, heavily dystopic hisses, and intense pummeling of an array of divergent rhythms, however, bordering on the resonance-filled walls. By its tendencies the publication can be related to the echoes and bouts of post-dubstep, and witch house, though, the classification is quite complicated. Instead of it, Cannaya`s influences can be harked back to Faust-ian third ear noise, prompt transitions and spacey anti-rock experiments, for instance.Indeed, it is the calligraphy of tortured noises and goth ambiances drifting sometimes subtly between noise and silence created by Stefan, and Ralf from Aachen, Germany. Technically it involves lots of experiments with beeping sounds, delay-soaked bits, wondrously swaying channeling and reverb-heavy undercurrents. The issue is released on Format Noise whose discography includes lots of outstanding releases. In a word, the whole is a slightly disturbing, palatable one. You have no choice.
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