Friday, April 26, 2013

The Colleagues - The Colleagues (2013)


/Indie pop, Alternative pop, Jangle pop, Chamber pop, Sunshine pop, Baroque pop/

Comment: Sea Indie is a label from Asia whose purpose is to promote a section of great indie music from the Southeast Asia. For instance, this pair of tracks by an Indonesian musical group is an excellent example for it. Chiming, sub-orchestrated guitars, moderate keyboard currents and hypnotizing female singing are full of emotions, charm and dizzying moods coming out of any slots over there. At times it sounds more like the kind of retrodelic soundtrack music rather than some kind of chart related sound. It rings somewhere in between Minnie Riperton, early Cardigans, and Sundays. Yet, the worthiness of the collective is hidden on its own. Do not forget it.    
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