Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jose Konda - Bolingo Na Nzambe (2009)


/Ethnic music, World music, Electronic pop, Gospel, Singer-songwriter/  

Comment: it is said at Jamendo, and Free Music Archive that Jose Konda is a Christian gospel singer and Afrobeat musician from Harrow, the United Kingdom. In fact, it is an instance of Afrobeat because it is devoid of those slightly rustic though ambitiously extraterrestrial, highly psychedelic funky grooves so essential to the style. His 9-track issue is driven by Konda`s soulful singing which in turn is backdropped by electronic frills and autotuned algorithms. The song structures are quite predictable and simplistic and way too much spiced up with the aforementioned effects thereby diminishing Konda`s singing result and spiritual touch (conversely, having no particular idea of how to get advantage from it). Furthermore, at times he crosses the borders of bad taste. Unfortunately.       
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