Monday, April 29, 2013

Grimes - Halfaxa (2013)


/Post-psychedelic electronica, Avant-pop, Singer-songwriter, Glo-fi, Alternative, Leftfield/

Comment: this batch of 15 pieces is a little decay in comparison with the album Geidi Primes. More concretely, the avant-pop princess Claire Boucher is still as ecstatic as at Geidi Primes, yet, her ecstasy relies on from the starting point which results in a feeling as if all the songs were way too similar to each other. Actually it is true, though - the sonic basin of the whole is predominantly occupied  by vowel effects which are infiltrated with Asian motives from the southeastern part. However, the issue lacks of shamanic angle being so pronounced and blossoming. Despite these delicate preferences the album is solid and delivers Boucher`s intimate touch and aesthetic craftiness.      
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