Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Air Protection Office - Techno KryptA (2013)



/Industrial techno, Experimental techno, Avant-techno, Abstract techno, Alternative dance, Noise, Ambient techno/

Comment: as the title hints at there might be an obscure kind of techno propulsions. More profoundly, there are up 4 excellent rhythmic molochs full of inner impulses and vectors. However, the outer coat of the album is embellished with concrete sounds (indeed, the cicadas are chirping intensely), shamanic ethnic bacchanals, abrasive yet irresistible litter, rarefied yet ecstatic sonic explorations which chimes like an instance of the reconstruction of Afrofuturism. Beyond that there are up drilling synth drones backed up by thick sub bass-relied thudding and more abstract, spherical rhythm impulses which also make difference. In a word, this album pretends to be a highlight of urban shamanism. And it succeeds in. One of the best albums in 2013 so far.
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