Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ricky Eat Acid - Ambien Music (2012)


/Ambient, DIY, Ambient drone, Soundscapes, Minimal/ 

Comment: though the auteur hints at the point that just the production process was essential by creating this handful of compositions the result comes off properly. More profoundly, it sounds like a DIY-immersed artist were to have got some music programs and applications for the first time to set up wah-wah enveloped soundscapes. Indeed, it is a very solid effort on the strength of heavily dream-soaked layers, viable naive angle and otherworldly oscillating frequencies. There is up also another effect throughout the course appearing from time to time - regarding unexpected transitions from common sound volume level to a lower one. Actually all these 21 tracks used to chime like just one long-running composition having no idea when it ends up or will start off. 
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