Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Handshakes - London Bound (2013)


/Indie pop, Alternative pop/rock, Jangle pop, Electronic pop, Remixes/

Comment: Leeds-based collective Just Handshakes` single involves a pair of pieces, one of them is the original one, and the other one is a clattery, a little glitchy electronica remix version of it by James Hare. The result is devastating on the strength of dashing guitars, suggestive female vocal lines, cloudless synthesizer passages, and propulsive drums. Just Handshake seems to be influenced by chiming Rickenbacker guitar magic, post-punk-ish rhythm impulses, and blonde hair indie divas. On the other side, it can be considered like a version of a string centered St Etienne (imagine of all those lush melodies and catchy hooks). 
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