Tuesday, March 26, 2013

EDASI - Chants of the Morally Challenged (2013)


/Non-music, Black metal, Psychedelia, Drone, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Noise/

Comment: this batch of a handful of tracks is composed by Mihkel Kleis, who was being previously known as the leader of the avant-garde/progressive/RIO group Luarvik Luarvik. Kleis, also known as a visual artist with academic background, winds up perverted sensations and moods tapped out on his Yamaha synthesizer full of references to ritual ambient, neoclassical, and psychedelic black metal resonances. This time he is assisted by Roomet Jakapi, and Paul Von Aphid who share vocal/vowel/moaning/growling duties. Similarly to his previous issues the result is destroyingly mind-sucking.      
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