Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Interlard - Meanwhile (2012)


/Noise rock, Black metal, Trance rock, Chamber rock, Industrial rock, Avant-metal, Crust punk, No Wave, Anti-rock, Experimental metal, Hardcore, Avant-rock/

Comment: Interlard is a project from Birmingham, UK taking into its fusion heavy, extreme and nihilistic elements of rock, metal, punk and industrial/electronic undercurrents. I can remember the first time for the collective at the end of 00s. This handful of tracks are spreaded out over 36 minutes filled with dirty, resonating bass lines, loose drum blows, some hysterical "singing", howling effects, however, resulting in highly demented, punchy rabidity of the repetition-heavy structures. Emotionally it is ecstatic and hypnotic. On the other side, this music can be interpreted as a sophisticated, intellectual version of grindcore or avant black (metal). However, you should be warned not to be played it for your dear children. In a nutshell, fascinating outsiders by any means.
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