Sunday, January 6, 2013

Adam Balbo - The Jester (2012)


/Singer-songwriter, Alt-folk, Folk indie, Punk folk/

Comment: Adam Balbo is a singer-songwriter from Indiana, USA whose recent, short-running album (less than a half hour in total) used to entice the listener with an entertaining set of 9 folk (and punk-influenced?)-tinged ditties. Indeed, it is a half hour of burbly key and tempo changes, cymbals-backed washes and Balbo`s jaunty vocal sprawling carelessly over all of it. And there is a  permanent rush for catchy harmonies and melodies throughout the course. On the other side, Do What You Do is a tad bit yearning composition which hooked me the most. By the way, if to follow Bandcamp-based logic The Jester is Balbo`s 10th album (the first album Nothing In Particular harks back to the year of 2001). In a word, he can be considered an expert singer-songwriter who does have his own individuality and touch.
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