Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aboombong - Anaphora (2012)


/Ambient, Spoken word, Minimalism, Avant-garde, Soundscapes, Experimentalism, Drone, Epic/        

Comment: JC Thorne`s music is being highly appreciated at Recent music Heroes, and any release of him used to be a big event. For instance, the issues of him, Amnemonic, and Asynchronic are undoubtedly top notches of the 10s. He is an artist whose music is problematic to classify, though, the prefix "post" is adequate. Post-ambient? Post-post-rock? Post-industrial? But it is not problem on its own, of course. However, Anaphora consists of one track (having length of a hour in total) starting off with the storytelling of an old man backed up by solemn cathedral drones, slightly galloping pulsations which later will be "interfered" with metallic clatter, vague noises, and mechanical glockenspiel chords (at least it could be interpreted in that way). It seems to be the state of rest rather than music. There may drawn some parallels upon the likes of Tim Hecker, GY!BE, Loscil, Pan American, but Thorne`s soundscape is yet truly idiosyncratic and original on its own. It is formidable and majestic through its otherworldly soundscapes, and profound ideas thereby becoming part of your minds and thoughts. Like music digged out from Plato, or Heraclitus`s ideas.
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