Thursday, August 11, 2011

Det Mekaniska Undret - Olika sidor av staden (2011)

/Tram wave, Electronic pop, Synth pop, Conceptual, Electro pop, Camp pop/

Comment: This 10-track album by Andreas Österberg might be the first example of the kind to be tagged as "tram wave" ever. Indeed, the issue can be considered as the soundtrack and dedication to the tram line 11 in Gothenburg (all the songs are entitled as the references to those objects regarding this route). Musically it is simplified and even campy related to other "waves" as similar as Army Of Lovers used to have its approach towards pop electronica many years ago, for instance. All of that is played up with the help of blissful synths, simplistic beats and self-irony. My favorite track is the ending Saltholmen med Verklighetens Folk. By the way, all the songs are sung in Swedish.
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