Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cameron Schwartz - A Boy and His Horse Soundtrack (2009)



/Art pop, Film music, Experimental, Conceptual, Alternative, DIY/

Comment: CLLCT is obviously the biggest DIY/lo-fi/folk-based site worldwide containing more than 1500 artists and 2800 albums and 2.8 million visit times at the moment (in fact, the amount of it is increasing with every day). Cameron Schwartz (also known as part of the psych-folk collective Cameron and the Friendly Ship) composed this 12-track album for a farcical episode running on the Internet. Hushingly chiming guitar chords and clear-cut arpeggios drifting along are once variegated with one more synthetic template (Escape From the Police) and music for the prepared guitar (Rescuing Horse). While all tracks are short-running (approximately about 1 minute), they are craftily created thereby having enough of inner and formal strength simultaneously.
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